„… separated rhesus monkeys from their mothers at an early age and placed them with artificial surrogate mothers. One surrogate was made of wire; the others was covered with terry cloth and possessed a more rhesus-looking face. Both „mothers“ could be equipped with baby bottles placed through a hole in the chest, which allowed the baby monkeys to nurse. Regardless of which mother provided food, the baby monkeys spent as much time as possible cuddling and hugging the cloth mother. Even rhesus monkeys fed by only the wire mother formed strong attachments to the cloth mother and spent most of their time hugging it. A simple peace of soft cloth did not have the same effect; to function as a surrogate, the cloth had to be roughly shaped like a real mother.“

(Harlow and Zimmerman, 1959)

HarlowZimmerman wp8b5c15da_05_1a wp672fbab5_05_1a


However, it is cruel to me what they have done to those baby monkeys, I still cannot stop thinking about the idea.. The society teaches us that we have to love our mother, because they gave us live. (Like every kind of live is worth having it, but this is another topic). And the nature shows us, that the attachment is something more than just „dependence on someone who fulfills biological needs“. Even monkeys understand that. Even though the wire mother will never agree on this, she is not a mother. She is a feeding trough.

(and the pictures of this baby monkey will never stop disturbing me)


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